Truthful, Soulful, & Intuitive Tarot Readings by MICHELLE BARNARD

EMPRESS TAROT TRUTH seeks to lift, heal, and guide others on their life journey to reach a higher frequency vibration (or north node) by fully and deeply examining SELF through different healing techniques and divination tools. And, I also help you look at your life from a different perspective in order for you to grow and prosper and with the use of tarot cards as a tool to provide you with intuitive messages. 

If you’re scared to get a reading done, or if you’ve never had a reading before, and even if you’ve had many TAROT READINGS, this is a safe space for both of us to share in experiences and to gain a new perspective ON HOW YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR CURRENT LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES in the direction you want it to go in. 

I absolutely love doing tarot readings. KNOWING AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE ABOUT YOUR SITUATION MAKES IT MORE EXCITING especially when it shocks me too!

I’m OFFERING FREE TAROT readings for FIRST-TIME SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. Expires July 31st, 2021. Don’t hesitate, book today! CALL or TEXT (312) 620-7553 right away to schedule your tarot reading with me. I can’t wait to help support you on your spiritual quest.

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