Truthful, Soulful, & Intuitive Tarot Readings by MICHELLE BARNARD

To give you a quick timeline of events up until now, I’ll share my story so you can better understand why you should call EMPRESS TAROT TRUTH today.

Over the past 15 years, my primary focus and goals circled around my profession in Human Resources Management Recruitment. I’ve assisted hundreds of people with obtaining employment. I was convinced this was the path I wanted to take and it was my ultimate divine purpose in life. 

I became a workaholic because I started chasing the money and lost sight of the purpose. It became painstakingly obvious that working so much was detrimental to my relationships with friends, family, coworkers and even mySELF. I lost my way in a sea of beliefs I had BLINDLY FOLLOWED WHOLE-HEARTEDLY SINCE CHILDHOOD. My heart chakra was highly impacted and I turned cold. With me being so sensitive to the energetic fields of others, I realized it came with a price. With my card being the Hermit, it’s true, I ISOLATE AND CUT PEOPLE OFF WITHOUT NOTICE FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME TO RECHARGE MY ENERGY. I give so much to the point my well runs dry and I don’t have enough to pour into myself. I learned over the years that there’s SO MUCH MORE TO LIFE THAN CHASING TEMPORARY HIGHS.

However, THE PANDEMIC SHIFTED THE WAY WE ALL WORK EVERY DAY and being forced into quarantine in March of 2020, taught me patience, perseverance, and the power of will.

During the weeks and months that followed, I experienced MANY TESTS OF MY FAITH in the divine, my spirit guides, God, my angels, and in my ancient ancestors. The lessons I’ve needed to learn have been rotating on a never ending life cycle for far too long. I DID A LOT OF SELF-REFLECTION and was able to reconnect with mySELF. Now that I was back, I needed to face the pain and heal from past traumas too. 

But I always come out of hibernation with a NEW ME ATTITUDE and I’ve learned quite a few new skill sets. Some would call it shadow work or the dark night of the soul which was tough. I say start with MIRROR WORK; look deep into your own eyes and see what you discover. Regardless, my intuition went into hyper gear and I was open to POSSIBILITIES OF NEW WAYS OF MAKING AN IMPACT IN THE WORLD. 

The eye opening events that unraveled right before all of us and witnessing the domino effect on all other infrastructures nearly brought me to my knees. By trying to avoid falling deathly ill from Covid-19, I isolated myself away in my condo with my MAINE COON CAT BISON for over a year and was reluctant to suggest video calls as it just wasn’t the same. Social creatures need human interaction. I learned how much I needed others too. However, after over 33M people went unemployed, I started a company called MB JOB SEEKER ADVICE, a sole proprietorship. I realized this group of job seekers were desperately in need of retraining and REDEVELOPING THE ABILITY TO FIND AND APPLY FOR A JOB. And, some people I talked with or interviewed seriously needed counseling or therapy. 

During my interviews with job seekers, I’d ask a simple question as an ice breaker to start the conversation, one question in particular was, “How are you doing today?”. The responses varied in nature, of course, but WITH EACH INTENSE CONVERSATION, I DECIDED TO TAKE A STEP BACK. My energy field was being sucked dry because I was trying to help more people than I had ever before while also navigating through the toughest year in my 35 years. 

I took a break from doing readings because the last 30 days of planet movements have been quite intense. THE MENTAL IMPACT WAS (AND STILL IS) THE MOST CONCERNING FOR ME; not even the virus itself had me as concerned. I, myself, struggle with keeping my mind focused on my driven purpose. I am blessed to have DEVELOPED RELATIONSHIPS WITH PEOPLE I TRUST AS MY SUPPORT TEAM AND CONSIDER MY SOUL TRIBE, so if I ever fall, I know they’d be there to catch me. 

I bet you’re probably wondering why I consider myself to THE EMPRESS. What she represents I embody. I’ve been through hell and back and you would never know.

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